When developing the Atlas AR 65 Super 2, the optimisation of the propel hydraulics was therefore a central issue. Whereas the previous model was equipped. Vehicle ID: SI , machine hours: 5 , Price - EUR. Large selection of second-hand Atlas AR 65 available here. Great offers from top traders ATLAS AR 65 Super wheel loader. Wheeled Loaders | Atlas.


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This means that the driver often ends up driving with atlas ar 65 super brakes applied, which results in increased wear and fuel consumption. With the Atlas AR 65, however, the driver can use all of the pedal travel for inching and thus control the machine with millimetre precision.

Atlas AR 65 Super - 2007-2013 specifications and manuals

In this case, the braking is handled by the hydrostatic brake. High degree of integration: The high degree of functional integration, such as the integrated high-pressure override, has resulted in a compact drive that requires fewer hoses and pipes.

This enables the manufacturer to save on space and assembly time. Atlas customers can customise their machines even with regard to something as basic as the working speed: The primary drive is supplied by a Deutz diesel engine with an output of An assembly carrier with a greater pump capacity With the AR 65 AGT version, a larger pump and a larger diesel engine This atlas ar 65 super necessary, because this version of the AR 65 will be put into action as atlas ar 65 super versatile assembly carrier.

The higher volumetric flow is required in order to generate at low engine speeds the power necessary for the hydrostatically driven PTO shaft, which can also be hydrostatically adjusted.

Used Atlas AR 65 Super Wheel loader |

High availability and atlas ar 65 super service life Despite the tough conditions they face on a daily basis, Atlas wheel loaders are incredibly durable - and are therefore also very valuable as used trucks. A typical "life cycle" might involve trucks being operated for two to three years by the initial owner before being resold once or twice.

This means that they can clock up a total service life of up to 20 years - and that is based on atlas ar 65 super usage of to operating hours per year.


The Linde hydraulics system has proven its worth under these conditions: Aside from the solid design of the "hardware", this is also down to the avoidance of complex electronic systems: Atlas 65 data sheet here: AR 65 Data Sheet For the expense of transportation of a Atlas 65 knowing weight and measurements is vital, autonomous of the year of assembling.

It is very applicable to the cost of the Atlas 65whether it is a more seasoned machine or a atlas ar 65 super current machine. If you don't mind check included extra parts or extras for Atlas atlas ar 65 super with the buy or if the machine is as of now totally upgraded.

Dimensions This wheel loader has an operating weight listed as approximately 4. It comes equipped with a safety cabin for the comfort of the operator ROPS. This machine was built in a six-year period between and Atlas ar 65 super searching used Atlas 65 for sale, it is useful to verify that the directions manual and working guidelines, the information sheet specs are additionally accessible, best as PDF.

Purchasing utilized Atlas 65 regularly is an event, modest and has the benefit of quick accessibility. You will discover a few archives at Trade Machines for download.

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