MBARendezvous provides Logical Reasoning Problems on Letter and Symbol Series; it will help you in CAT Entrance Exam. Rajesh Balasubramanian: It is not necessary to go for coaching. With good study material and a discplined approach one can prepare well for. Click Here for more CAT Books Six ways to prepare for CAT with CAT previous year papers. Preparing for CAT ? Make use of CAT previous.


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Letter and Symbol Series

I gave cat last year and scored 72 per cent. I am an arts student and my quant is very poor.


I have taken a break. Slowly your confidence and speed will go up. Then take mock CATs to fine tune your preparation.


How many hours to practice in a day? Please share some tricks to score more marks? But this needs to be intense preparation.

One can take classes from anywhere — home, workplace etc. Physical presence required in the class room Virtual presence through internet If the batch size is large, you will be a part of crowd One-on-one interaction possible despite the large batch size Same class may not be repeated Facility to go through the recorded class, if the class is missed Shy ones remain silent for cat 2013 preparation material fear of being ridiculed at.

Best Books for CAT 2015 Exam, Study Materials for CAT 2015 Exam

Fixed schedule Flexibility on timing available Though, technical glitches during online classes may sometime dampen your learning experience with regard to your interactive sessions with your mentor, the faster internet connections and improving technologies are consistently making the scenario better.

Besides these, there are other factors cat 2013 preparation material that go into the favour of On-line classes.


Familiarity with Computer-based mock tests: Now coming to your medium and strong areas just cat 2013 preparation material through the basics once and daily solve like problems from them to keep in touch till D- day comes.

Also read the newspaper editorial daily. Read the subject you are not really comfortable with.

You can refer Hindu editorial and read articles at www. Also as far as classes is concerned i will suggest you to look for Handa ka Funda. The tips and techniques are really useful.

CAT How to get the perfect score! - Rediff Getahead

You can get tips and tricks needed for mocks from the course. This help can be cat 2013 preparation material by your mentor online or offline depending upon your preference or a mix of both.

How to prepare CAT in 3 months?

Now CAT cat 2013 preparation material only 3 months away. CAT preparation time of three months is not short. What you have done in last three months or whatever you have prepared can be revised now in three months with various CAT preparation tools.

C-DAC C-CAT 2013 Preparation Books

The time is ripe to intensify a little your CAT preparation strategy for three months: It may sound a little surprising but it is true. Atul Goyal CAT topper with This way even 2 months are sufficient to score 99 cat 2013 preparation material provided you are sincere enough.

Cat 2013 preparation material are some strong areas within your weak areas and some weak areas within your strong areas.

Try to focus on all the weak areas and see if you are able to improve them.

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