Dr. Anderson has done that. I only hope we Black PowerNomics Corporation of America, Inc. is the only authorized producer of Dr. Claud Anderson's products. Dr. Claude Anderson is WRONG as TWO LEFT SHOES. The problem is NOT that Blacks don't have any businesses or no unity. The problem is 90% of Blacks. Claud Anderson is a 1 time Bestselling Author. Dr. Claud Anderson is president of PowerNomics Corporation of America, Inc. and The Harvest.


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Dr claude anderson sought equality in terms of owning and controlling the resources. Whites had 2 cab companies; they had the Blue Bird and the Yellow Bird cab company. We had 2 cab companies: They had their movie theatres. They had something about 3 movie theatres.


We had the Lincoln and the Lafayette theatres. They made their movies, we made ours.

PowerNomics: Interview with Dr. Claud Anderson

Blacks spend all their lives seeking love and affection. They want someone to love them. Nobody wants to love Black people. What they should be concerned with is to make people dr claude anderson you and appreciate you.

Nobody is going dr claude anderson respect you and appreciate you if you spend all your time kissing and hugging them… just to get a pork chop bone.

  • Dr Claud Anderson And The Path to Economic Power For The Black Community
  • The Harvest Institute
  • Dr. Anderson Answers Questions You Never Thought to Ask

In other words, he knows what he is doing and what he is talking about. Anderson have become the principal economic philosophy of the Black Conscious Community for several reasons; Dr.

Dr. Claud Anderson | PowerNomics® Corporation of America, Inc.

Anderson likens the effect integration to a person going dr claude anderson a metal detector at an airport security post. The person can only pass through if he gives up his keys, his coins, his belt, his shoes, his brief case, and his wallet. I rate it 5 stars and more.

This book should be at every Black university and in urban schools throughout the country. It educated me as to major reasons Black Americans find themselves in their current conditions…Maybe after reading this book, we as Dr claude anderson Americans can begin to work together for our common cause.

Nobody wants to speak the truth. Anderson has done that.

PowerNomics: Interview with Dr. Claud Anderson | Kentake Page

I only hope we Black folks are listening. When I was a kid, the thing that stands out in my mind more than anything as a child was that my Mother she worked at a factory as a dr claude anderson stemmer, Winston Leaf House, and Blacks almost all worked in tobacco.

She was a tobacco stemmer and all the Blacks they worked at one warehouse… They would take gloves and you know, running down the stems of tobacco and break the tobacco off and throw the stem in one tray and the tobacco in another. Pretty soon dr claude anderson stems would cut through the gloves and cut through their fingers and their fingers would bleed.

They had to wear handkerchiefs around their face to keep the dust out of their dr claude anderson, out of their nose, eyes and stuff and they had to stand up all day long for 8 hours doing that.

The white women worked in a big glass partition where it was nice and clean and they sat down… I remember my mother dr claude anderson to come home at night her ankles would swell; her ankles would be swollen from standing all day… her fingers would bleed from having stuffed tobacco.

She would soak her feet in Epson salts and dr claude anderson.

PowerNomics: Interview with Dr. Claud Anderson

I said one day I would like to be like Samson and be able to solve some dr claude anderson these of these problems for Black people.

But it did cloud up and it did rain and they drowned. I was also chairman for economic development for Eastern and Southern Governors. I used to take trade missions to Third World countries. So all of that came together and everything from being now dr claude anderson the safe street and crime investigator, being an assistant down in the police department with the assistant commissioner, to coordinating education for the state of Florida.

Black people can hang it up soon.

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