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6moons audio reviews: The HornShoppe Horn

fostex 126en While unfairly underappreciated and overshadowed by the mighty 2s, the 1s don't have the Horn's speed and immediacy. At which point there's acceptable bass even free standing but certainly not great bass. You could go with a Magnepan MMG for matching speed and fostex 126en.

Then too you'd need a sub. But you couldn't go as loud.


The Moth Cicada is no more. You could opt for a Reference 3A Dulcet at double fostex 126en cash. Choices increase exponentially as your purse grows.


There is the new Merrill Zigmahornet, to be reviewed shortly by Jeff Day. Whatever Triangle's latest French offering happens to be at this price point could suit.

Anthony Gallo's A'Diva Ti with his smallest subwoofer is fostex 126en option - fostex 126en linear and far more bassy but not nearly as sensitive.

| Loudspeaker freaks

The Horn driver's free air resonance is 70Hz. It makes no bass. Once mounted fostex 126en Ed's box, it rocks and socks without banging its stops so loudness is not its limitation. But the amount of bass lift the internal line is said to bestow is zero when you put your ear fostex 126en its mouth out in the room and compare that with listening from the front.

What you get then is a very hefty dose of uncut musical energy.

Fostex 12cm Full Range FE126EN

Whatever raggedness it has to suffer in the amplitude domain is minor enough to fostex 126en ear to not distract. That could run away a bit in the presence region when fostex 126en. The new 'un is obviously smoother and even more extended in cymbal land.

Yet it doesn't exhibit the nearly hopeless break-in distance of the original. It sounds more righteous sooner. Weighs in hornist Michael Lavorgna, formerly on staff who has compared fostex 126en two side by side and owns the older fostex 126en The overall character is fostex 126en, especially noticeable as we move toward the frequency extremes.

Bass is slightly pudgy and highs sound softer. This imparts a ripe some may hear overripe flavor to the midrange.


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