Albanese G, Venturi C, Galbiati G. Treatment of larva migrans cutanea (creeping eruption): a comparison between albendazole and traditional. Cutaneous larva migrans (CLM) is a dermatitis caused by the invasion and migration .. Albanese G, Venturi C, Galbiati G. Treatment of larva migrans cutanea. Larval stages of dog and cat hookworms (usually Ancylostoma spp.). Cutaneous larva migrans is self-limiting; migrating larvae usually die after 5–6 weeks.


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Treatment of larva migrans cutanea creeping eruption: Following proper treatment, migration of the larvae within the skin is halted and relief of the associated itching can occur in less than 48 hours reported for thiabendazole.

Larva currens is also a cause of larva migratoria cutanea pruritic eruptions but is marked by 1 migratory speed on larva migratoria cutanea order of inches per hour 2 perianal involvement due to autoinfection from stool and 3 a wide band of urticaria. Children may have been playing in sandpits.

Soil under housing and at construction sites may also be contaminated.

Cutaneous Larva Migrans

Presentation[ 12 ] In the history taking, ask about recent travel and other risk factors. Larva migratoria cutanea feet, toe web spaces, hands, knees, abdomen, anogenital region and buttocks are the most common sites of hookworm penetration.

Penetration can cause tingling or prickling of the skin at that site within 30 minutes.


Diagnosis is by history and clinical appearance. Although the infection resolves larva migratoria cutanea after a few weeks, discomfort and the risk of secondary bacterial infection warrant treatment.

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