Urdu is an Indo-Aryan language spoken mainly in Pakistan and India by about million people. Learn Urdu online with UrduPod is your first and best source for all of the information you're looking for. From general topics to more of what you would expect to find. Learn key phrases in Urdu, listen to Urdu audio and find out about the alphabet.


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Urdu Lessons in Reading

It is the national language of Pakistan and is closely related to and mutually intelligible with Hindi, though a lot of Urdu vocabulary comes from Persian and Arabic, while Hindi contains more vocabulary from Sanskrit.

Face-to-Face 1-to-1 Individual General Urdu These Urdu lessons are more general in nature and are targeted at students who have a whole learn to read urdu of different needs.


Typical students include those buying property overseas, spouses of overseas nationals, people about to set off on that long-awaited world trip, Urdu-culture enthusiasts and those who are keen to pass a particular Urdu examination.

Enquire now about our Urdu Learn to read urdu. Face-to-Face 1-to-1 Individual Business Urdu These Urdu Lessons are intended for people who really need to learn Urdu to help make that difference in their work.


For beginners, it will be useful to learn greetings and basic business etiquette; at higher levels, reading and then writing become more important.

Anyways, I already knew how to read the Arabic script because being a Muslim, I have to be able to read the Quran which is written in Arabic. So I think we had some books at my house for learn to read urdu school children on learning Urdu. So I would sit down with my mom and learn to read urdu aloud the alphabet and then try and read passages from Urdu children's books.

At that time, I also went onto YouTube and found a video series which I'll link below that covers a lot about the Urdu script and how to read it.

BBC - Languages - A Guide to Urdu - 10 facts, key phrases and the alphabet

Each sound is represented by a letter. For example lets look at the letter K and N in in the next figure.

Each letter is written in a slightly different form learn to read urdu on whether it comes in the learn to read urdumiddle or end of a word or whether it occurs on its own ie in a detached form.

If for example you look at the figure below, K on its own is on your extreme right marked detached. If it occurs in the beginning of a word as in the word Kill it is written as in the next one along -ie its inital form marked 2. If it occurs in the middle of a word eg luKy it is written in the medial form 3 and if it occurs at the end of the word as in ducK it is like the 4th final form to your extreme left.

Urdu Courses in Reading | An Intensive Way to Learn Urdu in Reading

The above figure has the detachedinitial. Learn to read urdu may have noted that the detached and final form form are usually very similar. Note again that the detached form is on your extreme right then the initialmedial and final.

Supposing we wanted to make say a meaningless two letter word with a starting initial letter K and ending with N.


We would take the intial form of K marked 2 in the figure above and the final form of N marked 4 and join them together. Remember to read it R to L.

Vowel marks Lets add some accent and vowel marks in between the letter K and N. Reading from the right of the screen the second word is k'n with the k pronounced a little longer since the accent mark zabar is over the k.

The next word kn' has a longer n since the accent mark is over the n. The shapes of the vowels aa, learn to read urdu, ee, uoooau learn to read urdu and aae are obvious from the figure and are explained in more detail after the figure.

Lets take our meaningless word kn and add vowel marks to it.

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