Dr. Lawrence Blair has shown on a tonographer, that the AUM sound resonates the sand into mount Meru, the Shri Yantra, which is really the. Posts about piramida written by holygrailsfantulgraal. “Cine va descifra secretele Florii Vietii-Shri Yantra, un simbol mai vechi de de ani, va descoperi. Piramidy Yantra: Aldona Mironski: : Books.


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MANTRA, YANTRA,MUDRA,PYRAMIDS & DNA REPAIR | Holygrailsfantulgraal's Blog

The Importance of Water Globally On planet earth water is the single most important substance. If you do not have water you piramidy yantra not have life.


It is the driving force behind all the various environments and ecosystems that make up our world. It is the factor in regulating all weather systems. It keeps the piramidy yantra of the earth stable.

Jual Sri Yantra Mandala Kristal Piramida di lapak Surabhi Store srinidhidasa

The primeval sound ;Bhur: That; God; transcendental Paramatma; Savithur: May this light ;Nah: That once you activated these abilities, you could manifest piramidy yantra you desired in your life, piramidy yantra a life without drama, create your ideal physical body, become immune to all dis-ease, and REVERSE the aging process.

Imagine if you realized that you could actually change your blueprint of life, your DNA, to enable you to expand your creative potential, provide access piramidy yantra your subconscious mind, and become intuitive, clairvoyant, and know instantly what your purpose is in life.


Meru is considered in Vastu the most powerful and perfect geometrical shape, that is bringing into a house a perfect feeling of harmony, and balances all kinds of energies.

Not only that it attracts piramidy yantra well more positive vibrations and prosperity.

Sri Yantra Mandala Kristal Piramida

Lotus Mandalas and yantras both frequently include lotus piramidy yantra, which piramidy yantra purity and transcendence. Eight-petaled lotuses are common, but lotuses in yantras can include 2, 4, 8, 10, 12, 16, 24, 32,or more petals. Circle Many mandalas have three concentric circles in the center, representing manifestation.

Outer square Many mandalas have an piramidy yantra square or nested squares, representing the earth and the four cardinal directions. Often they include sacred doorways on each side of the square. Pentagram Yantras infrequently use a pentagram. Some yantras of Guhyakali have a pentagram, due to the number five being associated with Kali.

Octagon Octagons are also infrequent in yantras, piramidy yantra they represent the eight directions.


Designers in India and Nepal may copy design elements from Western imitations of yantras.

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