Síncope reflejo o neuromediado, Síncope por hipotensión ortostática El síncope vasovagal es la variante más frecuente y ocurre p.e. al ver. El reflejo faríngeo o reflejo nauseoso, es un reflejo en el que un estímulo que entra en contacto con la parte posterior de la garganta o la base de la lengua. adj — vasopresor (m) vasopressor reflex — reflejo (m) vasopresor vasoreflex n vasoestimulante (m) vasovagal adj — vasovagal vasovagal attack — ataque.


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The Bezold—Jarisch reflex has been suggested as a possible cause of profound bradycardia and circulatory collapse after spinal anesthesia.

Shear Hilarity Leading to Laugh Syncope in a Healthy Man

Veratrum alkaloids, bradykinin, atrial natriuretic peptides, prostanoids, nitrovasodilators, angiotensin II type 1 receptor AT1 antagonists and serotonin agonists may also elicit the reflex. Excitatory neurons reflejo vasovagal run in a cephalad direction whereas inhibitory neurons are mainly directed in a caudad direction.


This arrangement is responsible for the peristaltic reflex or reflejo vasovagal of the intestine. They are responsible for the contractile phase of the peristaltic reflex. Inhibitory motor neurons contain nitric oxide synthase, vasoactive intestinal peptide VIPand PHM peptide histidine methioninewhich reflejo vasovagal derived from the same precursor as VIP.

They are responsible for relaxation of the bowel wall distal to the distending bolus reflejo vasovagal, [41]. The longitudinal muscle relaxes during circular muscle contraction and contracts during circular muscle relaxation.


Adapted from Grider [42]. Brooks SJ, Neuronal nitric oxide in the gut. J Gastroenterol Hepatol [41]. Role of nitric oxide-related inhibition in intestinal function: Relation to reflejo vasovagal intestinal peptide.

Seminario de Emergencias Médicas: Síncope y Lipotimia by Francisca Verdugo Paiva on Prezi

Am J Physiol [42]. Evidence is presented of the involvement of the autonomic nervous system, including studies of heart rate variability, microneurography, cardiac innervation, and molecular genetic studies. Reflejo vasovagal, we describe different studies on the use of beta-blockers and norepinephrine transporter inhibitors sibutramine, reboxetine and the rationality of their use to prevent this type of syncope.

Resumen reflejo vasovagal estudios de betabloqueadores BB en el sincope vasovagal.

Desmayo durante la micción (síncope miccional): ¿Qué lo provoca? - Mayo Clinic

El uso de agentes con actividad vasodilatadora arteriolar ej. Loss reflejo vasovagal consciousness may be caused by a lot reflejo vasovagal disorders, mostly of benign origin such as vasopressor reaction that is the most frequent non-recurrent response.

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However, syncope may be caused in a small number of cases by a life-threatening disorder such as ventricular tachiarrhythmia and provokes sudden death. Although the exact trigger is not known, in some cases reflex syncope has been reflejo vasovagal to activation of the Bezold—Jarisch reflex.

This reflex—originally described reflejo vasovagal the cardiorespiratory response to the intravenous injection of veratrum alkaloids—causes bradycardia, hypotension, and apnea.


Cramer believed that the receptors for this effect were in reflejo vasovagal lung, but Jarisch argued that the receptors were located in the ventricle of the heart.

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