New WL V 4 CH Single Rotor Helicopter Version 2 *New & Improved* Black: WLtoys Large V 4CH Single Blade RC Remote Control Helicopter With  Missing: micro ‎| ‎Must include: ‎micro. View and Download WLtoys V instruction manual online. V Toy pdf manual download. Also for: V, V Micro helicopter (15 pages). Toy WLtoys. The 4Ch WL Toys V Helicopter is the perfect fir for someone looking to go the What is important to know about the Micro helicopter V?


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Stability is one of the most important if not the factors for flight control. Stability in simple words means that if you tell the heli to go left, it should do it wltoys micro heli v911 hesitation or delay, and the same goes for all the other directions.

However, it can be controlled. Some helis control the stability by using a coaxial rotor designwhich wltoys micro heli v911 great and results in some of the most stable helis in the market, however, the coaxial rotor limits the helicopter in terms of speed and aerobatics.

This is when other ways to control the torque reaction come handy.

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One of the most popular ways to do this is wltoys micro heli v911 gyro system, which is a pretty effective built-in electronic component that assists the pilot in this task. The gyro, as you may know, senses the torque reaction produced by the heli and then, in most cases, moves the tail rotor blade on the heli to counteract this effect.

The WL V has a single rotor blade design, which is a great next step for someone learning to fly RC helicopters. The Micro Helicopter V can be flown indoors or outdoors This is something great about this flying wltoys micro heli v911, since you get a 2 in 1, sort of speak, RC heli. Since this is a more powerful device than most beginner RC helis, it can handle slight winds, which means that you can fly it outside the house.

V911 Helicopters

Be careful not to exceed the max range of the transmitter wltoys micro heli v911 are 26 to 36 meters, something close to 85 to feet. Also, since this is a truly palm-size helicopter, you can fly it inside the house, which is why I say you get a 2 in 1 device.


So be sure to take advantage of it and have fun with your V wherever you want. Here are a few reviews from people who actually own the V helicopter.

The 4Ch WL Toys V911 Helicopter Review

Ready to use with no assembly. Shipping was very quick. I have owned dozens and still own several. I mostly fly my trex clones, however, I still love smaller wltoys micro heli v911 for indoor flying during the long, cold winters that we have here in the mountains and for a change of pace from size helis.


I cannot find any flaws with this heli. The build quality is very good. The supplied controller is also very good and even has dual rates.

When this in stalled on the tail motor, the built in prop guard will prevent the shaft from popping out the motor wltoys micro heli v911 in a bad crash.

The 4Ch WL Toys V Helicopter Review

The picture below shows that the VPro tail rotor bottom has a longer hub then the original V tail rotor top. I was surprise to find Rev 07, released on If I am not mistaken, this is the same Rx board used in the current release wltoys micro heli v911 V Therefore, this is no change in the Rx board, which also means that it is still FlySky wltoys micro heli v911.

I see no change in the Gyro design, which in the case of a V; it is not a death sentence whatsoever. I never had the original V Tx, so I could not make the comparison.

All the usual controls are where you would expect to find them.

A left shoulder button toggles between mode 1 and mode 2. This is WL way of saying low rate and high rate, respectively. It has nothing to do with Mode1 and Mode2 stick configuration. The right shoulder button is a fake.

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