Wizard of Oz — невозможно выиграть 2 джекпота

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Wizard of Oz massive free coins

Wizard of Oz . When accepting your coins. Click the reward as fast as you can you can collect extra coins I collect over a hundred million. When I do this.

  • Posted by 2020-02-03T05:12:28Z 78,601 415

Wizard of Oz

I absolutely love this game. Now that I found this it’s gonna be hard to keep me off the game. I spend all day playing if I can and have time. Thanks for

  • Posted by 2020-08-01T06:01:08Z 19,977 96

Really Works

This is on my android smart phone so it will work on most of not all smart phones. I open game (wizard of Oz) get your 2hr bonus then while game still open go

  • Posted by 2020-12-20T17:51:55Z 9,733 23

Wizard of Oz monedas gratis. Y seguiré en el juego

Estoy en el nivel 681 y aún no recibo premios ni bonificaciones gratis seguir un tiempo más seguir en la espera de algo mejor. Es un juego muy entretenido

  • Posted by 2020-06-21T17:47:29Z 1,709

Jackpot is rigged

Been playing game for years, 4 or 5 and not once have I hit a jackpot.At this point I’m convinced the game jackpot is rigged.I’ve bet low and very high

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Wizard of Oz-Mini Game

What is the mini game? I play the daily challenge and mini game is one of the challenges. Does anyone have the answer? I love the game but not sure how I feel

  • Posted by 2020-04-17T02:55:28Z 2,127 3

Welcome Slots — Wizard of Oz Gamers! Introduce yourself here

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Request: Tips, Tricks & Cheats

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Suggest a Forum Category

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Hourly Bonus Issue

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Double Up

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Wizard Of Oz Forrum

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Wizard of Oz Slot

Wizard of Oz Slot Game Bonuses

Now you have an opportunity to play the free Wizard of Oz slot machine – a video game with your own strategy in online mode app for PC and gadgets. The well-known movie (originating from 1939!) molded into a free slot machine game available for play in each large casino with no download and no registration. It has compelling graphics and the artwork is done in such a way that it resembles bits of the story, including many characters from the movie.

Wizard of Oz Slots with free spins: No download & registration

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The interface is totally lean with only 3 buttons and 3 sections. That being said, even absolute rookies won’t have a hard time learning how to engage and enjoy it.
Each party involves 5 reels and 30 paylines, 9 additional rounds, wild and scatters, plenty of spins for nothing, plus an Auto Play option.

How to Play & Win at Wizard of Oz Slot Machine?

It’s centered around 10 symbols, each of them representing a character from the original story – and all are high valued!
Win credits by spinning the wheel and receiving various conjunctions. But, before it, firstly, you need to select the desirable number of paylines, to determine the odds of winning. Beside paylines, coin value is chosen likewise, which directly affects the paytable outcome. Here is a table of possible win outcomes (25 – 50.000):

Symbol Name 3 4 5
Wizard of Oz 375 1.250 5.000
Dorothy 250 750 3.750
Scarecrow 125 500 2.500
Toto 50 125 750
Red Shoes 50 125 750
Wicked Witch 50 125 750
Home 25 100 500
Tornado 25 100 500
Air Balloon 25 100 500

That’s not all. The most interesting part lies in the interactive bonus parties, containing costly rewards, which will immerse you into the story-world in a cartoonish method. More details about bonuses exhibited in one of the upcoming paragraphs.

Chances to Win

Each online Wizard of Oz slot machine game is free and you should not download casino app to play it. All video games are modified, therefore, you can barely influence the outcome, if at all.
Understanding payout. Most slots have a 90% of repayment ratio. It means that if your chips-in $100 and bets $1 at a time, on average he will miss $10 on the long run, or 10 cents per rotation unless someone encounters a 4-leaf clover and wins the main prize.

The only legit possibilities a gambler can do to improve slightly his opportunity to achieve victory, is wisely choosing a slot, and to use maximum paylines (proportionally, the more the paylines, the more odds of winning something).

Bonuses and Winning Combinations

Beside typical symbols, it possesses 3 special. As mentioned above, it includes a Wild, Jackpot and a Featured (Scatter). Wild are presented with the image of “Wizard of Oz” and they can be substituted for any other except the Feature (Scatter). The Jackpot is the most valuable sign in-party and it is shown as the name goes. The Feature is displayed as an Emerald picture with an appropriate sign beneath it. Three of those symbols will enable the “Oz Pick Me” property. Varying on the player’s selection, he can engage in 9 different bonus rounds:

  • Winged Monkey. This attribute awards the spieler with free spins – 8 in general. During the free spin award, reels change and complementary two wild appear – Winged Monkey Wild Symbol (WMWS) and Winged Monkey Wild Feature (WMWF). The former is such as a regular WS and it interchanged others, and the latter appears only on the mid-reel. When the WMWF shows up, it needs to be clicked on. By clicking, simply put, random symbols will be replaced with new ones, meaning – the you get another probability of gain a combination. On top of this, the peculiarity can be reinitiated by Winged Monkey Re-Trigger on 1st, 3rd, and 5th reel, granting you another 8 “revolvings”.
  • Glinda Good Witch. It demonstrates up on the 1st-5th reel during the base phase. It replaces a Wild and it transforms a particular reel entirely into WS.
  • Oz Pick Feature. The player selects 1 among 3 unveiled symbols, and it rewards by multiplying the full bet from x10 to x25.
  • Road to Emerald City. It enables you to select among multiple emeralds. Diverse emeralds give coin-based rewards, but if Tin Man, Scarecrow, and Lion are chosen, fresh bonus rounds will emerge.
  • Scarecrow Corn Field. You select between 2 golden charms and this symbol is picked, coins will be awarded – if not, it returns you to Emerald City.
  • Tin Man Apple Orchard. The choice and the outcome are the same as for the Scarecrow Corn Field, except the possibility of picking him, you may unfold Tin Man.
  • Cowardly Lion. This, too, is like Scarecrow Corn Field, except hitting first, you may find the Lion.
  • Wicked Witch Castle. Same story. If the right charm is opened, Dorothy will grant extra coins.
  • Emerald City. In this one, 4 golden charms are at stake. Varying on the decision, specific bonus indications will trigger, and you might even earn x1500 the line bet while this one is in play.

Minimal and Maximal Bets

Generally the Wizard of Oz are free slots and casinos offer the same free app with no download games in online, but also, there is the version for real money. So let’s talk about this option. Logically, the higher the bet is the bigger the reward. What’s the catch then? To comprehend it better, we should take into account our current credit balance and pay lines as well. Depending on a number of paylines, our maximal is determined. So, if we decide to spin the wheel with 1 pay line putting 0.01 credits, our summary is 1 x 0.01=0.01 (the least), but if we choose 30 paylines, laying 5 credits for every payline, we have contributed 30×5=150 (maximal).
Fortunately, you don’t have to invest real funds immediately – you can relish the game in unpaid mode, and, later on, opt for paying. By the way, if you are planning to play for real money follow Paypal casino games for money (full list) with special no deposit bonuses & additional bonus round games.

Myths and Facts

Here are the three main myths about Wizard of Oz slot game:

  • Myth: Slot machines are setup to go through a cycle of payoffs. After cycling through a certain amount of spins, it gets to an end, and then, it starts from the beginning with the same series order.
  • Fact: All spins are non-relatable to previous spins and are exposed to a chaotic state.
  • Myth: Slots are organized to pay off a defined percentage of money bet, sense- after the winning, the game “tightens up”.
  • Fact: As aforementioned above, spins are succumbed to a randomness factor, therefore, it doesn’t matter when was the last time someone hit a jackpot or what period of the day it is.
  • Myth: Supervisors tend to “loosen” it during slow hours, while “tightening it up” during peak.
  • Fact: It’s an irrational thing to do because casinos want their clientele to leave happy and satisfied. Otherwise, they would start losing the customers, value – the profit goes down too.

So as the sequence we can tell that to play Wizard of Oz Slot Machine Game for free you can test any strategy in online mode with the PC or tablet version. But if you feel the rights are going well – start your body professional round.There are enough hacking software on the internet for hijacking the game, but all of them are futile and invalid, so don’t waste your time in vain trying to cheat the system – you might even infect your device with malware.

Keep it honest and straightforward. Before you lie back and join an amazing journey of enjoying, imply that you should try your best not to lose your temper and patience. Don’t get carried away by the hype. Always stay calm and mindful, and attempt to rationalize by placing your bets evenly. But, most of all, don’t forget to have fun, because, fundamentally, that is the point of the game. Play free Wizard of Oz slot machine and have fun in your video game trip with developing your strategy for this nice online app!

A Classic Made into an Awesome Game

The Wizard of Oz is one of Las Vegas’ signature hallmark games, holding a very special place in the gambling hall of fame. Today it has been turned into an awesome and cheerful online slot game. The symbols are made up of iconic images from the classic film, such as Dorothy, her ruby red slippers, the tornado which takes her to Oz, and the evil Witch of the West.

Symbols and Their Values

Each symbol has a different value. The Air Balloon and Tornado symbols will have the lowest values, while Wizard of Oz symbols will provide you the highest score. One of the greatest parts about this game is the amazing amount of varied bonus rounds, with 9 in total! Let’s take a look at a couple of them.

Bonus Rounds

The Flying Monkey Bonus Round

  • Once activated, the signature flying monkeys from the original 1939 film will begin flying about the reels, chattering excitedly. These monkeys aren’t here to wreak havoc, as one would expect from the events depicted in the film.
  • Rather, they are here to pull out various symbols and turn them into Wild ones!
  • This mode lasts different amounts of times with each activation, and the lucky player will have the monkeys stay on screen for a while, producing enough Wild symbols to guarantee the player winning an exciting amount of cash.

Glinda the Good Witch Bonus Round

  • While most of the bonus rounds in this game will appear at a set time once their activation requirements have been met, some of them will just appear at random, like the Glinda the Good Witch bonus round. You will know when Glinda is coming, because the reels will begin spinning at an odd speed.
  • Glinda’s arrival will be followed with a wave of her wand, which usually turns one or to reels into a neat stack of Wild symbols. On a rare occasion, she will turn every single reel into a collection of Wild symbols, granting you a massive multiplier, which is around 10,000 times what you initially betted.

Novices and Free Mode

  • This game is completely accessible, and allows for even the most novice of players to get the most out of it. There is even an auto-play option, which will do all of the work for you while you sit back and watch the wins stack up, provided you’re feeling lucky.
  • A free version of this game is available on the iPhone and Android application stores for people that just like to play slot games like this one for fun. This version is amazingly detailed and colorful, and contains actual screenshots from the classic film. Join Dorothy, the Tin Man, and the Lion, as they venture off on their incredible journey together.

The Wizard of Oz has a special place in our hearts, both as a phenomenal and nostalgic film, as well as one of the most entertaining and groundbreaking (for its time) slot games around. The game may not be as innovative as some of the more recent games, but they wouldn’t be what they are today without the pioneering efforts of games like The Wizard of Oz.

This game along with all its unique and impressive features is compatible with mobile devices such as iOS and Android. It has been made suitable for small screens, so you do not have to compromise on any of the features or how you choose to play the game. All you have to do to ensure that the mobile application is mobile friendly is to install Adobe Flash Player, ensuring top performance and eliminating any lagging. There is another option where you can go for the HTML5 version of the game if you lack Adobe Flash player on your device.

Mobile Wizard of Oz Slot

  1. Line bet – use on the minus (-) and plus (+) symbols available on the screen to decrease and increase the amount you want to wager on each payline within the betting range of 0.01 to 5.00.
  2. Lines – use the same (-) and (+) symbols to select the number of paylines you would like to activate from the provided 30 pay lines.
  3. Spin – click on this button to start spinning the reels and submit your wager.

On-Screen Mobile Info (Android, iPad, iPhone)

  • Paytable – this field displays the relevant symbols and winning combinations that warrant a price.
  • Total Bet – this field indicates how much is being staked on all paylines at any given spin or round. It is achieved by multiplying the amount bet on each payline by the number of active paylines.
  • QB and C – this field shows a player which interface they can play with in the game.

When playing the Wizard of Oz slot casino machine, bettors should know that this is a low to medium-volatility pokie with starting bets of 0,01 coins for a single spin. This information can actually provide lots of advantages for gamers (low variance machines can be played with minimal risk chances which can create a comfortable playing environment with low odds of losing big cash amounts.

When a player knows a game volatility, he/she will be able to adjust stakes more precisely. Right bet adjustment is a very important gambling parameter. The goal in the Wizard of Oz game is to prolong gaming time as much as possible to improve the odds of success.

Betting more can be achieved in multiple ways. The first thing that a player can do it to carefully set up all the betting parameters. When this is done, players should try to take an advantage of all bonus opportunities that the Wizard of Oz slot machine offers.
Picking the Right Gaming Strategy

To win big cash in the Wizard of Oz pokie, gamblers should try to activate a free spinning feature. Playing for free will create lots of new scoring possibilities. Benefits of gambling without placing any stakes are numerous. Gamers can simply relax and wait for a big payout. The best tip is to adjust the wager to the maximum because the extra feature will be triggered with same stakes as in the activation turn. Players can always rely on luck, but with the right gaming plan, a gambler will be able to enhance winning possibilities numerous times. A bettor can use a free demo version to practice and develop the right gaming strategy. Later, a player will be able to implement it in a real money mode. To get the most of the Wizard of Oz slot game, a player can use a Casumo casino welcome bonus for an example. After a gambler finishes the registration, he/she will have an opportunity to deposit cash and gain a bonus that goes up to 1200$ and win additional 200 free spins. This is an ideal chance to test the Wizard of Oz slot machine. It’s a double winning situation where gamers will have an opportunity to activate an in-game bonus and play for free using a Casino special welcome bonus. To find more places where this casino slot machine can be tried, gamblers can visit many online reviews and lists. At the end, this is a game of luck, so to win, sometimes a player will just need a little help from a lady fortune. Place your stakes carefully and enjoy in this online casino game with any supported device.

Мы больше не в Канзасе, Дороти: Zynga выпустила Wizard of Oz Slots

Zynga выпустила мобильную игру-казино Wizard of Oz Slots по мотивам голливудского фильма 1939 года «Волшебник из страны Оз».

Игра построена в виде путешествия по карте (по дороге из желтого кирпича, разумеется), где каждая «остановка» — определенный игральный автомат в стилистике классического голливудского фильма.

Wizard of Oz Slots доступна на iOS, Android и устройствах Kindle.

Для компании этот запуск особенно значим. Zynga давно не радовала поклонников мобильного казино новыми тайтлами и в последнее время занималась тем, что бесконечно переделывала уже существующие.

Другие материалы по теме:

Zynga — компания-пионер на рынке социальных игр. Была основана в 2007 году. Осовной капитал заработала на Texas Hold’Em Poker (ныне Zynga Poker). В 2008-ом собрала инвестиций на $29 млн, которые позволили ей приобрести MyMiniLife, на тот момент только закончивших тайм-менджер Farmville. В 2020-ом Zynga успешно вышла на IPO, подняв в ходе размещения акций сумму в более $1 млрд. Затем компания продолжила политику по приобретению перспективных компаний. Это привело к сильнейшему падению доходов. В итоге летом 2020-ого основатель компании Марк Пинкус (Mark Pincus) ушел с поста генерального директора, уступив место бывшему главе развлекательного подразделения Microsoft Дону Маттрику (Don Mattrick).

Топ-4 казино по размеру бонусов:
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